Model Caroline Forsling Sues Estee LauderA former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Caroline Forsling is suing cosmetic giant Estee Lauder for allegedly using a manipulated image of her to promote their anti-aging serum, without her knowledge or consent.

Her face is currently appearing in a digitally altered ad for Origin’s Plantscription anti-aging serum. The advertisements show the original photograph on the left, with a retouched image on the right, as a dramatization of how the product combats four signs of aging.

Model Caroline Forsling Sues Estee Lauder

Caroline Forsling, public records show she’s 35, claims that her career has been ‘irreparably’ damaged by the poster, which reads that the product was tested on women aged 45-60 and she is seeking $2 million in damages.

Officials at Estee Lauder and Origins do not comment on pending litigation.